In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of Mongolia extended state of emergency preparedness until 31 December, 2021. During this period all of the international passenger arrival and departure points except the international airport in Ulaanbaatar will be closed.

Mongolian Visa Information

Regulations updated for issuance of Mongolian visa
The Government of Mongolia approved the updated regulations for the issuance of Mongolian visa, which will be in effect from August 16. The updated regulations include new types of visas, bringing the total number of visa types to 64. For instance, visas will begin to be issued for those coming to Mongolia to participate in cultural and arts events and sports competitions, to create content, to transport passengers and imported goods, to travel in the border region for a day trip, to receive medical treatment, and for transit. By specifying the types of visas, it becomes possible for foreign nationals to submit their visa applications truthfully and travel to the country for their intended purposes.

Furthermore, some changes have been made to the organizations in charge of issuing the visas. While the visa type B issued for foreign nationals visiting the country for business purposes for up to 30 days will begin to be referred as type K1 and issued by the Immigration Agency of Mongolia, the visa type J issued for those visiting the country as a tourist have been changed to type K2, and visa for stays up to 3 days will be issued to tourists near the border region by a Diplomatic Representative’s Office of Mongolia.

Moreover, the new regulations reflect the procedure for issuing electronic visas. Electronic visas for the purposes of tourism (K2), participating in cultural and arts events and sports competitions as well as creating films and content (K4), and transit (K6) have been made available as starters. Visa applications will be received through the website https://evisa.mn/main, with a decision being made from the Immigration Agency of Mongolia in up to three days. The list of countries whose nationals are eligible for electronic visas will be approved by a joint order of the Minister of Justice and Home Affairs and the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Changes have also been made to the validity term of visas as well as the waiting period after the refusal of a visa.

Electronic visa can applied for at the following link: https://evisa.mn/main
As per new regulations, the Honorary Consulate General of Mongolia in Indonesia is not issuing visa of any type.

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Apabila Bapak / Ibu membutuhkan bantuan untuk agenda perjalanan dan pengurusan visa, silahkan menghubungi Mongolia Adventures di : m o n g o l i a . a d v e n t u r e s @ g m a i l . c o m

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Consulate is closed during Indonesian national holidays.

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